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Dear Clients,
After nine years in business, we have decided to transition Hara Wellness from a group massage therapy practice into a referral resource for former Hara practitioners and their fellow bodywork colleagues in the greater Cambridge and Boston area.

We thank you for your patronage and hope you will continue to seek balance in mind, body and spirit wherever your journeys may lead you. Namaste.

*Please note: Hara Wellness gift certificates are still eligible for redemption for any of the therapists below. Simply mention it to the therapist at the time you book the appointment and bring the gift certificate with you to the session.

Referral Practitioners

Erica Slocum LMT and Jennifer Green LMT, 617-718-7278 /
      info at bluefernmassage dot com
     Great Way Wellness Center in Davis Square, Somerville, MA.
Joe Alvero LMT, 617-331-4933 / backtoworkmt at gmail dot com
     Offering home visits in Cambridge, MA or office vists in Quincy, MA.
Kathy Hermann LMT, 781-308-5723 / equimt at yahoo dot com
     Equilibrium Therapeutic Massage / Bodywork + Sports Massage for Humans and Horses
    Cambridge Health Associates, 335 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139
Kristine Jelstrup LMT, CBK, 617-833-3407
     Kristine is an Alternative Health Care Practitioner who also offers deep tissue massage.
     126 Prospect Street #5, Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139
Mary Woodbury LMT, RN, 617-935-3367 / marywoodbury at gmail dot com
     Mary has a home practice located in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.
Abi Harper LMT, 617-797-6995 / abi at abiharper dot com
     Offering appointments in Cambridge, MA and Jamaica Plain, MA.
Christina Francis LMT 617-504-4770 / christina at christinafrancis dot com
     44 Pearl St, Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139